But unfortunately it did not help
I now get about the same error straight away (every useragent);

Unknown modifier '('

Aha, yep, it would...

Can you paste your user-agent string here? Somehow, your ua string is terminating the regex early...

Ignore that.

Line 58: 'SearchBot'=>'(nuhk)|(googlebot)|(yammybot)|(openbot)|(slurp)|(msnbot)|(ask jeeves/teoma)|(ia_archiver)' needs changing to 'SearchBot'=>'(nuhk)|(googlebot)|(yammybot)|(openbot)|(slurp)|(msnbot)|(ask jeeves\/teoma)|(ia_archiver)'

Notice the escaped slash after ask jeeves. Basically your useragent string isn't in the list, and the last line is ending the regex early and faulting.

Yep... that's it! working now, thank you very much!
I will report this bug on github...


Sorry I fixed that ages ago but forgot to push a minor release as I started doing upgrades for a major release. I will push those amends today.

Useragent Details updated to version 1.1.2 on 19th of January 2012


  • regex issue causing failure in class.os.php. Sorry it took so long!

Useragent Details updated to version 1.2 on 12th of June 2012


  • compatible with Sym2.3
  • add lat/long/country values to param pool
  • added more operating systems to the list

does ipad get seen as mobile = yes or no ? I dont have one to test on.

Try a User Agent Switcher in your browser of choice, or check the code :-)

@jeffleeder, if you need to know when the visitor is using a tablet you could use Device Categorizr in addition to/instead of Useragent Details.

Hi, someone can help me to get this extension working on last symphony? Thanks

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