A new Extension, “Uploadify (beta)” is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

Uploadify is a Symphony implementation of the superb jQuery plugin Uploadify.

It adds the jQuery plugin to any file upload field, and attempts to keep the UI as Symphony-like as possible. It honours field validation rules as much as possible, as well as the upload destination. Multiple instances on a page are supported. Invalid file types, required fields and maximum file size errors are trapped before the form is even submitted.

Note this is very much a development release. Don’t go launching this on your clients, because it hasn’t been tested fully and there will be bugs. So please do install it and submit your own patches if you feel that way inclined.

PS: thanks to scottkf for the pointers, I finally sussed a few blockers.

I can’t wait to try this out! Thank you, Nick!

Love this, I’d like to use it when its all ready!

When you say it can handle multiple instances, do you mean that it can handle multiple images? In the way that the uploadify website shows uploading multiple images at the same time? That would be cool if it could potentially do that? Though I realize there may be complications with enabling that feature.

Nope, I mean that if your section has two upload fields, say “Summary Image” and “Detail Image” then you it supports more than one instance of the uploader on the page at once. If both are required fields, you cannot submit the form until both have selected files.

Hi Nick, this is excellent!

But how would I go about getting jQuery installed with Symphony?

jQuery is bundled with Symphony from v2.0.2 onwards. 2.0.3 was released last week, and 2.0.4 will follow shortly I believe. If you want jQuery, you may want to upgrade when 2.0.4 comes out (which fixes some 2.0.3 bugs).

That’s strange, I have version 2.0.2, build 375 and there is no jQuery included.

I am a little apprehensive upgrading right now, I’m working on a site where I do not have much time to fix possible issue which might come up.

How could I best include jQuery in the current install?

Hmm. Doesn’t look like it was added until 2.0.3. You can find jQuery in the symphony core directory:


On GitHub, you can find it here.

Yep, the change was in 2.0.3.

Ah ok, is there a quick way to include jQuery in the 2.0.2?

I guess I just need to know where the main javascripts are included (like admin.js)

I have huddled together a small extension to provide jQuery for Version 2.0.2 or older. Its simply a copy of the jQuery-file provided with Version 2.0.3 or newer. However, I recommend upgrading to 2.0.3 instead (it’s not a big issue and there weren’t any complaints about broken installations).

Thanks phoque, I’m gonna try it out!

I’ve not looked at this extension for a few months simply because I haven’t needed to. It was originally developed as a proof-of-concept for a prospective project. I’m not sure yet how much work is left to get it production ready, but I could do with some help testing it under various scenarios.

Great extension. Count me in as a beta tester.

Thanks mate, beta test away :-)

I think what I need is for it to be tested to the limit. File uploads are always somewhat fragile and I’m worried that this additional layer compounds that. The extension recreates things that Symphony does (file uploads and client-side validation in particular) and so the JavaScript is dependent on Symphony’s markup remaining consistent.

Anyway, please give this a go and let me know your findings. If there are no major things this can come out of beta and go into an initial point-release with a “known issues” list that can be worked through.

@nickdunn I like the extension however; when I try to use it, the “choose file” button does not appear. I am using Symphony 2.07. Any ideas? Thank you!

Edit: screenshot added

Picture 1.png

I think this was caused because you have your CMS in a subfolder of your domain (e.g. http://domain/site/symphony/) which made some relative paths break. I’ve fixed this and updated to 0.4:

Hopefully that’ll fix it.

Uploadify (beta) updated to version 0.4 on 5th of January 2010

@nickdunn thank you for the immediate response. The extension however does not work still. I am using the Unique File Upload extension.

EDIT: It is working; there must have been something left in the browser cache. Thanks!

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