Not really. Simply edit the extension, push the changes back to the owner and charge your client some money.

If he doesn’t agree (on not owning it but releasing it to the public) charge him more and write it from scratch.

And if you can’t do it, hire somebody and let your client pay it.

This may be a little off-topic, but anyway:

I would really like to have a “buy me a beer” button. It has happened atleast ten times that an extension released has literally saved me hours of development time.

In these cases I would not mind sending a donation to the developer at all.

I would really like to have a “buy me a beer” button.

Sounds like a great idea. :-)

On GitHub you can enable donations via Pledgie.

Yeah, but still..

It would be way cooler if it was on symphony, not on github..

Yeah, this is something that’s on our radar. Among many others…


There are definitely a few extensions I know are in development that I’d definitely donate something to see come to life. The search extension, for a start. As it stands, that’s pretty much the last thing Symphony doesn’t have that I really, really wish it did.

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