Try disabling session.auto_start and throwing in a session_start() at the very top of /symphony/index.php. Make sure you remove that session_destroy() first.

Everything looks good with 2.0.5, thanks for getting this issue sorted.

Sorry but this fix only forces file based sessions here, and only works in backend, frontend would need the same fix. But is no solution here. I thought sessions should be stored in DB.

Hi Agents;) Can’t get to admin area:) after fresh install of symphony-2.0.6:( Here’s my steps> cd /var/www/ sudo git clone git:// cd symphony2 git submodule init git submodule update git clone git:// cd .. chmod 777 symphony-2 cd /var/www/symphony-2 chmod 777 symphony chmod -R 777 workspace and browse for install.php, everything OK, no errors:( link text

Looks like a mod-rewrite problem. Is it enabled?

Hi guys,

Has this been resolved? I did a fresh install from git repo’s on Ubuntu 10.04 in localhost but I can’t get into any admin area. When I look in the symphony/ folder there are no files only 4 folders. Is this correct?

Mod_rewrite is enabled btw. I haven’t made any changes to php.ini just yet. The server I wlil eventually deploy this to won’t allow access.

Let me know if you need any additional info.

When I look in the symphony/ folder there are no files only 4 folders. Is this correct?

Sounds like you’re missing the .htaccess file. Did you run install.php?

Wezside, yes you are right, there should only be folders in there. The .htaccess file dynamically rewrites the http://blahblah/symphony/ url to the main index file in administration mode. I got confused with this at the beginning too.

Like phoque says, have you got an htaccess file in your Symphony root?

Yeah I do. It contains a few lines starting with . After some digging I found this from “jalanbuntu” ( scroll to the end) and this seem to fix it.

What was strange was that when I ran apache2ctl -t -D DUMPMODULES to list all enabled modules, the modrewrite wasn’t there. However running sudo a2enmod rewrite responded that the module was already enabled.

Anyways, thanks for the response.

Spoke too soon I’m afraid. I now get the Admin login but can’t login using the username and password I used at install. Any ideas?

Fixed! I use KeepassX to generate passwords and my default setting is 25 chars mixed with letters, numbers, special characters. I thought maybe this is causing some issues so I generated one with 10 chars only using numbers and letters. This seems to fix it. I promise I’ll stop spamming this thread.

can anyone help me here to get the symphony sessionToken or admin panel

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