Yeah, true :D
But the workflow is simpler.

Ahh, that all makes sense... and sounds like a logical step forward. Lack of feedback if errors occurred on import was something I noticed so this sounds like a great solution. Using Symphony's internal data source handling also makes a lot more sense now you mention it. I knew there was some part of the puzzle I was missing.

Right, I'll give this a test and see how it goes. The updates to the datasource branch suggest that it's now in a released state. Do you know if it's compatible with Symphony 2.4?

Thanks for the info.

Do you know if it's compatible with Symphony 2.4

The branch is missing a few changes from the integration branch that's why it's not release (awaiting review by Brendan). We are using the branch on 2.4/2.5beta without issues.

We are using the branch on 2.4/2.5beta without issues.

Do you mean the datasources branch? I'm trying that on 2.5beta, but I'm getting an error when trying to create an importer:

Call to a member function getFullName() on a non-object

which refers to line 132 of extension.driver.php. Has the means of accessing the author object changed, or is something else wrong here?



I'm having the same error here myself:

Hi Guys,

Just a simple question, I'm planning to use the XML Importer to migrate a very old Symphony 2.0.1 website.. into a new 2.5.2 we're changing a bit the IA so it's not worth trying to upgrade and going for a fresh install. I was wondering whether it's possible to import the entry id with the importer?

It might make life simpler in terms of potential redirects and keeping relationship links, otherwise will use some php functions to make the links and take care of redirects.


@designermonkey I was not able to find a solution for your xml-importer-handelize-multiple-entries-to-sbl-problem in this thread. Where you able to find one in the end?

Hmmm … it all boils down to »how to import multiple entry-ids into an SBL-Field via XML-Importer«. Comma-seperated values don’t seem to work. Any ideas?

Neither <Leitung>9, 13</Leitung> nor <Leitung>9,13</Leitung> imported as Leitung/text() works.

(SBL-Field = Association Field)

Ok ok … solved it. Importing this way works:





Anyone ever tried and successfully managed to use XMLImporter to import members entries from a legacy Symphony build?

We're looking to migrate to a more up to date build and it was easier to re-build than to upgrade gradually. In the process, there is a members section in the current build we'd like to keep in tact and XMLImporter was one approach we were thinking.. but then I recall it didn't bode well with password field within members as it's encrypted on creation and therefore can't just transfer that via section import as it would then process the password field value from database a second time via the field import method.


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