It's got me thinking that we (as a team) could do with making a demo non-installable extension template that shows the markup/css/js in use, kind of like an example pack.

I'll be breathing new life (priority for me) into this:

I'll start a specific thread.

There are markup changes like using the header element. There is an outstanding GitHub task to compile a list of these changes...

Yeah, #1016 There has been a start, but it's far from complete so unfortunately it's mainly trial and error and reverse engineering 2.3 extensions at the moment. By all means, if you update your extension markup, adding a comment to #1016 with what you did would be super helpful :)

We aim to complete this and other documentation tasks in time for the final 2.3 release.

Aaah, damn ... I have to update Frontend Localisation's UI and I was hoping for some markup changes guide :)

Nils, that's exactly what I was after. It's the addition of data attributes that's broken my current duplicator...


It's the addition of data attributes that's broken my current duplicator

That shouldn't be the case as the fallbacks are set to the 2.2.5 defaults. In which way is it broken without the new data attributes?

Bsically, I'm updating the URL Router. There's no templates, nothing in the list of templates, and when you just click 'add', it adds both templates...

Could you send me a copy of the markup generated by URL Router by email, please? Thanks!

You're a star Nils, thanks.

I'm super bloody excited that Release Candidate 1 is now available!

Happy days.

Guys quick question - any clue why iDatasource does not support adding any parameters in the param-pool?

Was this intentional or a mistake as wasn't sure if I should file this on github. Basically tried extending remote-datasource to add a hook on xml complete (to be able to plug in an extension exporting a value for ds-chaining). Not sure if that makes any sense. just wondering though :)

Btw great job on the UI seems great - am sure the back-end is much neater too but didn't delve into all that just yet.

So I made a rookie error and committed an RC2 tag too early...

The current integration branch is RC2 + commits, so naturally a RC3 is going to be required pushing back the final release to May 12th.

In the meantime, the integration branch would love to be installed and tested by everyone and anyone, so please don't hesitate to give it a go, and don't forget to backup, just in case ;)

Sorry for the bungle, I really hope to have 2.3 in everyone's hands as soon as possible!

I just tried updating a local copy of my site from 2.2.5 to the integration branch, and the updater failed with this error:

Could not complete upgrading. MySQL returned: 1146: MySQL Error (1146): Table 'tachyon_symphony.sym_entries_data_60' doesn't exist in query: DESC `sym_entries_data_60` `date`
30 April 2012 11:51 pm > Notice: Updater - Migration to 2.3RC2 was unsuccessful

The error message is correct: no such table exists. However, a reference to field id 60 still existed in my sym_fields_date table. Removing that row from the table allows the update to proceed successfully.

Now the fun part of trying to get all the extensions working!

Now the fun part of trying to get all the extensions working!

I'm sooo afraid of this one :)


I've noticed a small bug in RC1: The textarea for utilities (and others) converts

& to &

on save. And because of this creates an error if saved again

This is a public service announcement. Symphony 2.3 is officially released. Download it, poke it, eat it.

God it looks good. Thanks everybody!

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