After an extended Christmas break, the Symphony repostitory has been a flurry of activity in the last month preparing Symphony 2.3 Beta 3. This release has a number of changes since Beta 2, big and small and we're really excited (and relieved!) to get it out into the community.

This release is seen as the final beta before a Release Candidate and we urge extension developers in particular to give this build a run through. There is a comprehensive migration guide that has been curated to help make the transition to this release as seamless as possible.

If you find a bug, please add to it to the issue tracker


This release is seen as the final beta before a Release Candidate and we urge extension developers in particular to give this build a run through

This is really, really important. If you are an extension developer, you need to start testing your stuff now. Plenty has changed, so be sure to read:

After months of development, I'm proud to announce the Symphony 2.3 Release Candidate 1 is available for your testing and abuse. Barring any critical bugs or serious regressions, Symphony 2.3 will be released on April 30th so the team urges you to install and give it a whirl.

This is a major release and it is expected that several extensions will require updates to continue to work. The team has been in contact with extension developers throughout 2.3 release cycle and recommending they add their extension to the dedicated Symphony Extensions site. If you have extensions that don't work as a result of an update, be sure to post issues on the relevant issue trackers.

If you have found a Symphony bug, please add it to the issue tracker with steps on how to reproduce it. They say a picture is worth a thousand words :)

A big thanks to all who have contributed so far, the blood, sweat and tears has all been worth it and we have created an excellent release. The team's focus is now shifting from development to the creation and updating of documentation to help make the Symphony 2.3 update as seamless and pain free as possible (and to tell you all about the shiny new features!)

Symphony 2.3RC1

I’m a bit shy to post an issue on github, since it might not be a problem with Symphony 2.3 RC1 itself, so please excuce me if I post it here:

After moving a test installation of 2.3 RC1 to an online server I am getting a strange d d-string right after the body element. Does anyone have a clue how this might have happened? (See screenshots attached)

Thanks for your help!

Backend Source

Bildschirmfoto 2012-05-10 um 08.22.24.png and Bildschirmfoto 2012-05-10 um 08.21.59.png

Weird, because your browser seems to be trying to rectify broken HTML since meta elements are within your body.

  • What extensions do you have installed?
  • Does this happen in the raw page source, rather than the rendered source? (i.e. are these characters added with JavaScript?).
  • Does it occur only on one server and not locally?

@nickdunn I was just about to go through your checklist when I found out the string is gone. Really weird. Guess it was some extension, but I’m not sure I’ve deactivated one. Will try to find the root cause when this shows up again. Thanks for your help!

By the way: You guys did a great job on the backend! It’s really a joy to work with. Can’t wait to implement my first live project with it.

I get this error on quite every RC and beta version. This is caused by a vim undo-file in a extensions lang directory. The file looks like and should be ignored by Symphony.

Bildschirmfoto 2012-05-10 um 11.56.21.png

Thanks iwyg, just pushed a fix to integration.

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It has been a while coming, but after all the excitement of cows and organ donation I'm happy to announce Symphony 2.3 RC3 is available. Barring any major issues, this will be released on May 20th.

As always, if during your testing you find an issue, please log it on the issue tracker.

Thanks to @nickdunn and many Symphony extension developers, we currently have a number of extensions that are already compatible with 2.3, with many more being updated on integration branches!

Symphony 2.3RC3

Awesome!!! Thanks to everyone for your hard work on Symphony 2.3!!!!

Thanks to everyone who has been testing the RC's and posting feedback on the issue tracker. With your feedback, we've fixed a number of additional issues just in time for the impending release of Symphony 2.3 which are now available for additional testing as Symphony 2.3RC4. This is the final release candidate (barring something absolutely critical) and will be released on May 29th.

Symphony 2.3RC4

Im not sure if maybe somehow my configuration got messed up, but I set my time zone during installation of 2.3RC4 to -4 for New York. Now when I update entries and pages and all that the notification bar says "Entry updated about 4 hours ago" for anything even though it was just updated. In 2.2.5 it would say "Entry updated just now".

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