Still not working for me. I've set up Amazon S3 according to instructions, included an upload field in a section. But when I try to upload a file into an existing entry, it saves without adding anything.

However, I've just thought of creating a new entry and it seems to work. I'm using Symphony 2.2.4

It would be great if we could specify the path to a folder in which to save the file.

@scottkf, @tonyarnold, @ashooner - so sorry. I missed the notification regarding @tonyarnold's pull request. I've merged his pull request. So this should be updated with his fix.

@ovidiust - go ahead and try the repository now.

@ashooner, @tonyarnold, @scottkf, @michael-e,

I would like to move this repository to the Symphonists repository, that way I won't hold up the development of this extension. Let me know what yall think?

I can sort that for you if that's what you would like to do, and everyone is ok with it.

We sent some emails in the meantime and took a look at the state of the repos.

We are still waiting for @scottkf's answer — he has put a lot of work into the extension. If he has no intention to take it over, @bzerangue would like to give it to the Symphonists. I am fine with that.

@designermonkey, thanks!

I don't mind putting it over there, I haven't had much time to work with symphony recently anyhow!

Bzerangue's repo and mine should be identical after the pull request from Tony.

@scottkf - I'll go ahead and move it to the symphonist repo.

Has anybody used this (or any other upload field) before at front-end with jQuery File Upload?

Not the S3 Upload field, but the standard and the unique one. And with a different multi-file-uploader JS. But the same principle should work with the S3 upload field and the jQuery File Upload.

  • Create a normal event for the section and add it to a Symphony page.
  • Set up the JS file uploader, with a server side upload component of choice. Choose the upload field destination folder to upload the file to.
  • Add a callback method for each uploaded file (the JS uploader should provide the callback) and use the filename and possible other field values to post to the Symphoyn page via AJAX.

I'm having some trouble with this extension (0.6.5) in a fresh 2.2.5-install:

I have entered my S3 security credentials but can't access any buckets in the section-setup. If i try to save a section including the s3-field without selecting a bucket i get the following error message:

"You have not setup your S3 Access keys yet. Please do so here."

Which is wrong, as they are shown on the preferences-page.

As the exact same combination (0.6.5 + 2.2.5) is working in another Symphony-install on the same server I initially thought that the problem was caused by my S3-Account - but I checked others and can't access the buckets there either.

Does anybody have any idea what might cause this error...? And how it probably could be fixed?

thanks alot!

Dragging up the dead, but has anyone built a field similar to this for Rackspace's Cloud Files service? From what I can see they function in a very similar way.

I'd be interested in creating a Field that is similar to the oEmbed field where you can have multiple drivers that allow you to upload a file to S3 or to Cloud Files or to some other service that doesn't exist right now.

Looks Like cloud-files is being deprecated in favour of php-opencloud from reading the repo:

That's annoying, they didn't mention that at all today on the phone. Will chase up with them. Thanks for the spot!

A field like oembed for storing content assets would be ace! I've looked at the S3 class gubbins but haven't got time to delve into it at the moment... Am overrun with Symphony site builds in work.. you've created a monster :p

Nice one.. "Make Faster" is the best TODO item :)

Brendo, does the cloud storage field upload the files to local install before porting them to the cloud storage of choice? Thinking of large file storage and PHP timeouts.

No, it hasn't been a use case for the client's site the field is being developed for. Feel free to add though :)

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