That makes sense. Is there anywhere that tells developers how to list their extensions on the site? How do you submit and categorise at present?

@ijy: see Introducing extension.meta.xml and the schema documentation linked to there.

Once you're signed in at the Symphony Extensions site with your Github account, you can view your profile and select your Github repo to submit as an extension.

Anyone knows how to retract an extension from the website?

Multilingual TextBox must be retracted and re-submitted because ownership changed.

Tweet @symextensions and Nick will certainly help you.

Thanks. Now I wait.

All you have to do is click on "Remove extension from site".

Lol .. I missed that button. Thank you.

Some wrong days counting here:


Latest releases at


I have a fix for a little style flaw. Where can I contribute it?

alt text


@juro I am trying to get access to this. As soon as I do, I'll setup a repo on github where reports like that can be loggued. Thanks a lot !

Cool, I am looking forward for it. Thanks Nicolas!

@nitriques do you already have access to the site? I logged in via Github but none of my repos are showing up there.

Update: looks like this is finally in the works. :·)

@animaux, I am in the process of transferring it to a new server, I should get access this month!

Joy! became so slow this year.. anyone noticing this? became so slow this year.. anyone noticing this?

Noticed that too - but looks like speed improvements are just coming along!

Looks like it already happened - faster than ever :) Thank you very much @nitriques!

Eeehh wonderful!!!

My pleasure !

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