Page Types are a category of meta information that can be added to pages, usually to flag them for special treatment on the front end. For example, page types are used to designate the index page (or home page) of your Symphony project, its error pages (such as a 404 page), protected admin pages, the page to be displayed when the site is in maintenance mode, and so on.

There are six core page types that receive special treatment from the system, but like most things in Symphony, page types are entirely open-ended. You can assign custom page types on the fly and provide special handling instructions in your templates.


Page types are assigned to pages in the page editor (Blueprints > Pages > New or Blueprints > Pages > {Page Title}).

Pages can have more than one type.


There are six page types that receive special handling from the system:

Page Type Description
index Designates a page to be the index page for your Symphony project.
xml Serves a page with a content type of text/xml instead of text/html.
admin Restricts access to a page to authenticated Symphony authors.
404 Designates a page to be served as your 404 error (not found) page.
403 Designates a page to be served as your 403 error (forbidden) page.
maintenance Designates a page to be served whenever your project is in Maintenance Mode.

In the XML output of a system-generated navigation data source, page types appear as separate <type> nodes in a parent <types> node:

    <page handle="home" id="01">


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