A new extension, "Field: oEmbed" is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker on git hub.

This is my first attempt to build a field so please be nice ! If anybody can do a code review, this would be nice !!

Thanks @nickdunn since this is based on his Vimeo video field.

Thanks for this extension! I'm using it already. It's very helpful. What I would really like this to have though is the ability to fetch Flickr images of different sizes as well. In particular, being able to fetch the large size would be a super great solution for what I'm working on now :)

@seeminglee: Yeah I would love to have this ability too but I am restricted with the data Flickr returns in the oEmbed API.

I think you could achieve this by replacing the digits after the underscore in the path... it is the width of the image (I think so)

Field: oEmbed updated to version 1.0.1 on 17th of July 2011

Added YouTube support in 5 min !!!

Amazing work Nitriques, I'm really enjoying all the extensions you're putting out.

@Fazal: You're welcome! I am glad my work can help other people! Do not hesitate to comment the code, submit issues or requests !

@Nitriques are the vimeo thumb image urls returned in the XML with this extension?

@moonoo2: yes, but not all available thumbnails are return since they are not present in the oEmbed response from vimeo.

The Fields offers to DS some normalized info and the complete oEmbed XML response.

Thanks, did a test and the thumbnail url I'm after is in the source XML so thanks! I can use JIT to size it down etc..

@moonoo2: Absolutely! Do not forget to add all of vimeo cdn to the JIT autorized sites... I hope to do that automatically in the future...

Field: oEmbed updated to version 1.2 on 23rd of August 2011

This update is for Sym 2.2.2 ... Unfortunatly, I just saw that 2.2.3 was out, so we need some testing for 2.2.3, if anybody already test it, please let us know!

Thanks for all of your support! You can help by testing, submitting bugs/issues on github or do work in the TODO list in the README.

Symphony 2.2.3 mainly fixed bugs in the core extensions, your extension should work fine between 2.2.2 and 2.2.3, see the release notes

@Nitriques, ahh good call.. would have missed that CDN bit.

Does this field work with Flickr sets (= fetch all images of a set)?

@brendo: Thanks for your answer! And it does work in 2.2.3 :)

@moonoo2: You are welcome. I always add from a to g. Lets hope I can do that automatically in the future.

@Nils: Not at the moment. This extension is very tied up with what providers gives us. If Flickr supports oEmbed requests per sets, it would be done it a matter of minutes. (Just code a new serviceDriver class) If Flickr does not offer this, then this feature is not part of the scope of the extension.

Field: oEmbed updated to version 1.2.1 on 8th of September 2011

Updated the YouTube driver to 1.1 - Making it fit in the sidebar.

Seems the error on saving issue has returned .... upon saving i see a blank screen and no values are saved.. any thougets? Edit.... i think the extension needs error handling for invalid entry... client has been inputing the embed id and not full url and this is the reason for white screen upon saving.

upon saving i see a blank screen and no values are saved

Try enabling PHP errors in your .htaccess file for more useful information:

php_flag display_errors 1

Thanks Nick, will take a look in a bit.. troubleshooting while on hols! Sad i know.

Right back from Cinema!

DOMDocument::load( [domdocument.load]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.0 503 Service Unavailable

Extension version 1.2.1, Symphony 2.2.2 Multilingual textfields and a SBL field in section and that's it.

Seems the entry is throwing this error upon creating an entry and re-saving.

I'll open the bug up again.

Filed an issue on github for discussion:

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