08 Dec 2007
Developer Podcast

Alistair and I talk about Symphony 2 beta and the new sneak peek website.

We managed to find half a day, away from Symphony development to put together something for the public. Alistair and I chat for 50 minutes on Symphony and produced 4 sneak peek videos to share with you lot.

Symphony 2 is fun

For the majority of you who find our podcasts agonising to sit through; we know our on-stage demeanour is very poor, we talked about the following things:

  • We explained why we couldn't show the public Symphony 2 for a long while, even though its feature-set was finalised months ago.
  • Symphony 2 might not look all that different visually, almost everything else has changed.
  • Overture team member and forum moderator, Mark Lewis has been tasked to pen the Symphony 2 documentation.
  • We discussed tips on being more effective with getting help on the Overture forum.
  • Dru is back! Welcome back.
  • We talked about our (almost non-existent) personal lives.

Snuk Puck

Symphony 2 beta is nearly upon us and we want the public to start gearing up for the beta release. The sneak peek website is a catalyst to get the community more involved. If you have questions or feedback, be sure to let us and the rest of the community know by posting on the forum.


Do Allen and Alistair need to take public speaking lessons? Are six pieces of chicken nuggets dipped in barbeque sauce better than Symphony 2? Less drooling, more chatting - I dare you to post your thoughts here. And whipe that sauce off your mouth.


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