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Woo-hoo, Nils is here! :)


No, it is not showing correctly, until the whole entry is saved (thus page is reloaded). Then it becomes correct.

Okay, that makes perfectly sense: The drawer which holds the full list of subsection items is loaded dynamically via JavaScript while the selection list is loaded using PHP. When you add an item from the drawer to the selection it will just be cloned (that’s why the display error still exists). When you save the entry, the selection will be reloaded and the error disappears as the list is not loaded via an AJAX request.

Which browser are you using?

Which browser are you using?

Tried FF(latest) and Chrome 6.0.4xxwhatever. Two different engines, same sh*t.

But it’s not the browser, because localhost edition runs fine on them.


I’m off for some next 12 hours or so. Got to get some life (sleep) :)

SOLVED Just had to put utf-8 php header in ‘content/content.get.php’.

Uff, what a relief :) k.

Could you please fork the Subsection Manager on GitHub and send me a pull request? Thanks!


Sorry for such a delay from my last comment… Have you seen/used the Bi-Link Field? It is a field that can link from one section to the other, like a Select Box Link, only it can be done from both sections, for example, the Parent can link to many children, and the Child can link to one Parent.

What I was asking was, would it be feasible to use this type of field as a basis to the SSM, rather than a one way Select Box Link (as I know you have called SSM a glorified one ;)) That way, your awesome interface could be present in both sections allowing a user to add say a new Parent entry from a Child, and vice versa.

has anyone seen this error - Unknown column 'allow_multiple' in 'field list'.

I just installed this extension via git on a 2.1.1 version. This happens when I add the subsection manager to a section, fill out the form and save.

this is the resulting query error:

INSERT INTO `sym_fields_subsectionmanager` (`field_id`, `subsection_id`, `allow_multiple`, `show_preview`, `caption`, `included_fields`) VALUES ('32', '9', '1', '1', '{$description} - {$title}', '27,28,29')

John, I understand the concept now but I think this is out of scope of Subsection Manager 1.x.

Dale, is this a clean install or an update?

This has to be one of my favourite extensions Nils.

nils, i removed the extension, reinstalled it via git and then it seemed to work. Not sure what happened to cause that error i had.

Hoy I get this error when I try to filter ‘backwards’ (by data source chaining) between sections “event” and “participant”, event has a subsection manager where participants are selected. And what I try to do is to list the events associated to a participant, on the participant page. The normal ‘forward’ use is no problem. Symphony 2.1.2 and subsection mgr 1.0.1

MySQL Error (1054): Unknown column 't56_1.value' in 'where clause' in query "SELECT  `e`.id,
                    `e`.section_id, e.`author_id`,
                    UNIX_TIMESTAMP(e.`creation_date`) AS `creation_date`
            FROM `sym_entries` AS `e`

                LEFT JOIN
                    `sym_entries_data_56` AS t56_1
                    ON (e.id = t56_1.entry_id)

            WHERE 1

            AND `e`.`section_id` = '10' 

                AND t56_1.value IN ('7')

            ORDER BY `e`.`id`DESC
            LIMIT 0, 20"

Can you please check this and see if this fixes your issue: http://github.com/nilshoerrmann/subsectionmanager/issues#issue/53/comment/413311

It’s an addition to /extensions/subsectionmanager/fields/field.subsectionmanager.php.

works! thanks!



Nils is there any way to display the content of a subsection in the parent section table view? At the moment it just displays the number of items associated, so you have to look at each individual entry to see the content.

I’m using the dashboard extension to “hack” my way through but then I need separate data sources for the dashboard output and the actual front end.

I added this feature to my local development copy a while back but it’s not yet ready for a release. So currently it’s not yet possible.

Sorry if this is an extremely uninformed question — I’m just getting my feet wet in Symphony and the Subsection Manager. Here goes:

Is there a way to specify a subsection field in the caption?

For a little more detail: I have sections (let’s say) Invoice, Material, and MaterialEntry. Materials just have a ‘name’ field. MaterialEntries have a Subsection link to a Material, and an ‘amount’ field that is a number. Invoices have a Subsection link to a MaterialEntry.

It’s easy enough to get the Material name in the Subsection caption in the MaterialEntry. But when creating new MaterialEntries in an Invoice, the “obvious” solution of {$amount} {$material} just leaves a blank for the {$material}. How can I get the MaterialEntry’s Material’s name in the caption?

Again, sorry if this Symphony 101. thanks!

Welcome, Aaron. Your question isn’t easy to answer, I’ll have check a few things first. The main problem is that I didn’t imagine the usage of a subsection inside a subsection so I didn’t test that specific setup. Thus it is not working. It shouldn’t be too hard to fix (I hope). Will have a look into it.

@Strangerr what did you do to resolve your problem before as it seems to be happening to me, but only in Firefox.

I have 3 subsection manager fields for managing images, in firefox if I leave one ( or all ) of these fields blank, on save they auto select the first item in the list and save it.

I’m on 2.1.1 and possibly the only thing I can think that maybe ‘non-standard’ is the I’m using the Publish Tabs (and Nicks recommended change to the core ) extension and all my Subsection Managers are in a seperate tab?

( ironically I’m having problems with the publish tabs but only in chrome, joys of cross browser compatibility eh).

Hmm removed publish tabs and its change to the core and its still happening. Its also doing it for me in Chrome, it just was saying “No image selected” in the admin after saving but it was still saving the content as the images were showing on the frontend.

Theres a strong possibility I’m doing something wrong, can I not have 3 subsection managers pointing to the same Section (images)?

Are these single or multiselect subsection fields?

Sorry Nil’s I edited the message above in order prevent a barrage of comments to say that it wasn’t browser specific.

And yes these are 3 Single Select subsection fields, from the same Section ( Images ).

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